ACS Products produces a full line of aircraft oriented spun products such as prop spinners, aero duct flanges, and venturi cones. These standard spun products are available through our distributors. For a complete list of our distributors click on Where To Buy.

If you are looking for a custom spun product, you may deal directly with us. The spinning process forms three dimensional parts with a circular cross section out of flat stock. A good example of this shape is the flared end on a brass musical instrument or the bullet shaped nose cone on a propeller (known as a prop spinner). This process significantly reduces material loss and manufacturing time compared to machining and can provide very cost effective solutions when applicable to your product.

Tooling is required for spun products. It is made in house and is relatively inexpensive. Tooling remains the property of the customer. All spun products are made from 6061 aluminum alloy, with a maximum diameter of fifteen inches and a wall thickness of .050 to .090 of an inch. Spun products can be supplied polished to a mirror like luster as required.

We take pride in being easy to work with, providing quick turn-around, and always making a quality part. ACS Products is ready to produce custom spun products for you. Let us save you time and money.

    • Aeroduct Flanges
    • Prop Spinners


        • BN-1 BN-1 Bullet Nose Spinner Kit – FAA APPROVED


  • Custom