ACS Products Company produces a full line of standard cables in the most common configurations. Standard cables and custom lengths of standard cables are available through all of our distributors. Custom swaged cable assemblies are available through Aircraft Spruce.


Complete list of our distributors: Where To Buy


If you have a custom designed cable requirement that our distributors are unable to provide, you may deal directly with us. We take pride in being easy to work with, providing quick turn-around, and always making the highest quality parts. ACS Products wants to be the one source for all your cabling needs.


Know your control.


Vernier Controls:

            A-750 – 10-32 threaded end

            A-790 – .078 solid wire end

                        A-790 – How to re-install the ball

            A-970 – 1/4-28 threaded end

            A-1760 – 10-32 threaded end with 7/16-20 threaded bulkhead fitting

            A-1760 VANS – Van’s Aircraft style vernier Propeller & Mixture controls

            A-1750 – removable button & 2” panel thread 10-32 threaded end

            A-1970 – removable button & 2” panel thread 1/4-28 threaded end

Friction Lock Controls:

            A-800 – 10-32 threaded end

            A-800 VANS – Van’s Aircraft style friction lock Throttle control

            A-810 – 1/4-28 threaded end

            A-820 – .078 solid wire end

Glide Free & Ratchet Controls:

            A-730 – Glide Free, .050 solid wire end

            A-1770 – Glide Free, .050 solid wire end, T-handle knob

            A-740 – Ratchet, .050 solid wire end

            A-1780 – Ratchet, .050 solid wire end, T-handle knob

Button Lock Controls:

            A-700 – .062 solid wire end

                        A-700 – How to re-install the ball

            A-770 – 10-32 threaded end

            A-780 – 1/4-28 threaded end

            A-1840 – .062 solid wire end, T-handle knob

            A-1860 – 10-32 threaded end

            A-1870 – 1/4-28 threaded end

Push-pull Controls:

            A-920 – 10-32 threaded ends

            A-930 – 1/4-28 threaded ends

            A-950 – 10-32 threaded end and .078 solid wire end

            A-960 – 1/4-28 threaded end and .078 solid wire end

        A-1550 – 10-32 threaded ends, 7/16-20 threaded bulkhead fittings

Positive Lock Controls:

            A-1610 – .078 solid wire end, single lead

            A-1620 – 10-32 threaded end, single lead

            A-1630 – 1/4-28 threaded end, single lead

            A-1640 – .078 solid wire ends, dual lead

            A-1650 – 10-32 threaded ends, dual lead

            A-1660 – 1/4-28 threaded ends, dual lead

Custom Controls and Duplications:

Please send us your drawing or your original control.  We can use your original cable as a template to match form, fit, and function.  Please call for pricing and current lead times. 928-855-8613

Tachometer Cables:

            15510 – Tachometer Cable Assemblies