1032 Threaded end

This control is a good control to use for heavy push items like cowl flaps and e-brakes.

It uses a multi grooved shaft which locks into a mating pin in the housing. Rotate the knob 90 degrees to lock/unlock. Control can be locked approx. every 1/8” along its 3-3/8 stroke.

Knob colors available are Black (B), White (W) Blue (BU) and Black T-Handle (TA).

Stroke 3-3/8”

The control rod on end swivels 8 degrees

Panel nut thread size 5/8 x 18 x .¾ “ long

Flexible casing is Teflon lined and .245 Dia. Min bend radius is 6”. Max temp ratings 500-600 degrees.

This control has a notched fitting (See know your control) and is helpful in securing the cable into its location. Spruce carries two nice brackets for this notched fitting, P/N 10465 or 10464.