A-1760 (Vans) Vernier Control

Note: Vans style controls have shorter stroke that will work with their bracket.

Threaded control rod size is 1032


Push the button in and the knob can be pulled out or pushed in.

Release the button and the knob can be screwed in or out for fine adjustment.

Knob colors available are: Black, Blue, Red or White.

Stroke  2/1/4” or 2/1/2” (custom strokes are available at an extra charge)

The control rod on end swivels 8 degrees

Panel nut thread size ¾ x 16 x 1” long

Flexible casing is Teflon lined and .245 Dia. Min bend radius is 6”. Max temp ratings 500-600 degrees. 

This control has a notched fitting on both ends and is helpful in securing the cable into its location. Spruce carries two nice brackets for this notched fitting, P/N 10465 or 10464.