Wire end .078 S.S.


Push the button in and the knob can be pulled out or pushed in.

Release the button and the knob can be screwed in or out for fine adjustment.

Knob colors available are: Black, Blue, Red or White.

Stroke 3-3/8”

Panel nut thread size ¾ x 16 x 1” long

Flexible casing is Teflon lined and .245 Dia. Min bend radius is 6”. Max temp ratings 500-600 degrees.

Note the caution tag on the control! The purpose of the tag is to make you aware of the small 1/8” stainless steel ball that will fall out if you pull the knob all the way out. It is easy to replace the ball (unless you lose it). We have included both written instructions and a small video to show how to replace the ball.

Most wire end controls like the A-790 will need to be cut to the correct length before installation. To do this first remove the tag, the bag protecting the knob and set aside. Push in the button and SLOWLY pull the knob out. The ball will fall out (hopefully into your hand) when the knob is about 4” out. Set the ball aside and remove the knob, shaft and wire assembly and set aside. With a marker, mark where you want the casing to cut. We have a nice shear to cut casing. For you, a Dremal tool, hacksaw will do. Lightly clamp the casing into a bench vise and carefully cut one coil of the casing on your mark. You can score it slightly and it will break on the score also. Be careful not to kink the casing. Deburr the trimmed casing and reassemble (see how to replace the ball).

How to re-install the ball here