This new fuel cap is designed to be resistant to the additives used in auto gas. The sealing element is a large O-Ring made of Viton. The cap is designed to be backwards compatible with the older 10450 fuel cap’s mounting ring. So, if you have permanently mounted the older 10450 outer ring onto your plane, this cap will drop right in. No more puffy gaskets and hard to move levers if you are using auto gas.

The flush fuel cap (Unvented) with mounting ring is machined from solid aluminum. The mounting ring may be welded, riveted, bolted or molded onto tank. The bottom of the cap is secured to the bottom side of the ring by a safety chain to prevent loss of cap in flight.

The fuel cap assembly is available as a complete unit (including cap and mounting ring, P/N 10460) or just the center section if you are retrofitting it onto the older mounting ring (P/N 10455).